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Joel and Amy’s Blog

The Month of March

March 30th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

Unfortunately for you our life is not one big adventure. It’s a little adventure here and a little adventure there with a bunch of work squeezed in the middle. However, I did make it to Oman this weekend!!!




Yeah, it’s not as exciting as it sounds and I was only in Oman for 15 minutes. I did have some great conversation with my neighbor in the car on the way though. Her visa had expired and she needed someone with a vehicle that they owned to take her across the border. (In order to take a vehicle across the border you either have to own it or have a document by the owner saying that it’s okay to take it out of the country.) I don’t think she wanted to go by herself, being a single white female in a Muslim country, and I don’t really blame her. I was happy to go. I learned the value of knowing a least a little bit of Arabic on this trip as she was able to converse a little with each border guard. A co-worker of hers said it would only take an hour and a half to get there, via Al Ain, but it ended up taking us more like two and a half hours. The cool part is that now I can say I’ve been to Oman and have a stamp in my passport to prove it.


If you’ve not seen the pictures, we are now proud owners of a very blue Toyota FJ Cruiser. Here is a picture of it in Oman near the base of Jebel Hafeet, across the boarder from Al Ain, UAE.


I think we have had record rain fall here over the past two days. There are high winds right now and we’ve had a couple of big thunderstorms come through with lightening and everything. One of our friends said he saw hail as well. In the desert! It made it feel more like home. Rain can be so refreshing.


On another note, I’ve thought of a great little side business I could start here. Many men come over here to work for weeks at a time only to get back on plane and go home to their wives. It’s hard to convince a woman to move to the desert with out first visiting this place. So my thought is that I could introduce expat women to Abu Dhabi by driving them around, taking them to malls, restaurants and the spa for a massage for the purpose of helping them see that they too can live here. I did that last week with one of Joel’s co-workers wives from the US. We walked to a small mall near her hotel and ate at the Lebanese Flower with our husbands. After visiting a store that had Abayas in it I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind wearing one just because of their beauty here. It’s really because I am a sucker for rhinestones and they really like to deck these Abayas out with them. This picture is just an example of a few designs.


The head scarfs are great for keeping the sun off of your head but really… black is just not the right color. So you won’t catch me in one anytime soon but you may start seeing me wear more colorful headscarves and shawls. I’m starting to love accessorizing.


Here are a couple of pictures that we’ve taken recently and a little explanation of each.

We have had several dust storms roll through. This was on our way to Dubai.

Dust Storm

They occasionally have boat races out by the corniche. 

Boat racing

St. Patrick’s day took us to the English Pub at the Royal Meridian hotel with 3 other Americans from our small group. This is the most recent picture of Joel and I.


They were messing with the lights on the Grand Mosque that same day. It’s usually just all white.

Blue Mosque

They LOVE fountains here and there are several around the city. This is Joel’s favorite. It’s just outside the Sheik Zayed Sports Center and looks like a torch. Pretty cool!

Torch Fountain

Things you stumble upon in the desert. We had an amazing camp out with our small group in the desert. A couple of the guys found this tent seemingly abandoned in a dune.


We sat around the campfire and shared our testimonies, how each couple met and what brought them to Abu Dhabi. God is so awesome!


Until next time… have a great month of April!

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